Accessories for Meters

-CAR - a carrying case for portable moisture meters


Product high-lights:

• waterproof, shock-proof, a sturdy case made of injection molded resin, lifetime guarantee
• keeps the meter protected and ready for use
• all important accessories are carried with it safely
• suitable for AK30 and all other small product models
• a very economical price

Wireless BTUSBRN41 - wireless data transmission for meters and sensors with Bluetooth

Product high-lights:

• an ideal way for checking on meters and acquiring data with a laptop while walking in the mill
• can be used as a permanent solution for reducing cables and costs, a cable replacement product
• a simple low-cost method of connecting a process sensor to a PC at a distance of max 100m
• supports all AK30/40/50/MK30 moisture meters at all baud rates
• easy to use, just plug in the BT dongles, install PC BT software and start using the new serial port
• packet protocol (AK30/40/50) and keyboard mode (AK50) fully supported
• several skins available
• the  system is as follows:

    the PC needs one BT dongle to its USB (master)
    • AK30/40/MK30 have the slave node as internal, AK50 needs one slave to the RS232 connector at the PS supply powered by the PS

• the dongles are ready to use, delivered as paired to the other end, no fuss
• inquire pricing

LAN232 - networking for meters and sensors


Product high-lights:

• a simple low-cost way of collecting data from several meters and sensors
• supports all moisture meters and sensors produced
• easy to use, just plug in the RS232 cables
• optimal while using the Advanced software for acquiring data from several meters, any models, even mixed
• each meter has a differing address to identify it
• packet protocol and keyboard mode fully supported
• small box, low cost, power module included
• low speed but long distances, legs up to 40 meters with RS232, up to 1200 meters with RS485
• supports the high-speed serial port too (38400 bauds or 115 300 bauds)
• supports RS485 LAN use with both speeds

    User's Guide

-PS - a power source unit for all AK40/AK50/FC5/FC10 meters


Product high-lights:

• supplies power to the meter and distributes all communication signals with the connectors
• connectors for RS232/485 (D9 female), Profibus DP (D9 female), trigger input (BNC), voltage output 1 (BNC for moisture/web temp/head temp etc.), voltage output 2 (BNC for web temp if -DAV option in meter) and a connector (D9 female) for an optional optical sensor for arranging triggering
• now standard in all meter deliveries except AK30/MK30/AK40GWP
• IEC320 socket for international wall plug compatibility with a fuse and a switch
• small size, low weight, rubber feet for tabletop use, DIN rail mounting kit included with simple fixing with screws
• a simple cable arrangement
• a very long operating life
• dimensions: 70 x 140 x 230 mm
• no protection classification, to be used in a cabinet or in office conditions only. May be used in clean environments too
• CE marked and has all certificates and approvals including UL
• the operating guide is in english
the BNC connectors for analog outputs are usually replaced with screw terminals

    Operating manual

-GPH - a general purpose L bracket for fixing on-line meters


Product high-lights:

• a simple low-cost item for fixing the meter to various positions in paper machines, pilot machines or research studies
• keeps the working distance constant and prevents vibration
• small size, low weight, simple fixing with two to four M6/M8 screws
• rigid Aluminum structure, oxidated black
• suitable for all product models
• a camera tripod thread for mobile mounting

-PR - a pressure regulator for model AK40/AK50 meters


Product high-lights:

• supplies air to the moisture meter for cooling and cleaning of windows regulated from high pressure lines
• hose connector 1/3" for low pressure tubing
• thread R1/4" for high pressure connector and tubing
• has a dust filter for 5 micron particles
• inlet range 0 - 7 bar (max 17) or 0 - 100 PSI (max 250)
• outlet pressure adjustable by hand or by tool if knob removed
• has a pressure gauge port R1/4" and a blind plug when not used
• bottom drain valve for condensates
• temperature range of air -18 to 71C (0 to 160 F)
• can be installed to a panel with a cut-out of 39.5 mm in diameter

-STD - a series of standards for all moisture meters

Product high-lights:

• moisture standards for each moisture meter model
• a customer sample or a special high durability paper enclosed within glasses and epoxy sealed
• available as a plain glass or with a plastic moulding protective case
• either manual use or installed to the scanner system home base
• supports the automatic or manual standardization
• reflection measurement
• prepared according to meter model and customer spec's
• MK30 has a special version
• other NIST-traceable standards for other meter models

    User's Guide


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