Applications of Moisture Meters

   • Moisture can be measured with our NIR based (near infrared radiation) AK50 and AK30, AK40 series meters from most fiber products, minerals, wood chips, sawdust, textiles, paper coating chemicals, powders, wires and ropes. The new MK30R, MK30R-PX and MK30LP allow measurements of thick materials, like pulp, paper reels, soil, wood etc. The penetration depth is 5 or 30 mm depending on model. Find in the following suggestions for different applications with the models available. In many applications the support software is of extremely good value facilitating the user's tasks both in measurement and analysis. For very cost-sensitive applications, consider the new model AK40.

    Application Note 24, applications for the portable moisture meter

    Application Note 25, applications for the on-line moisture meter

    Application Note 28, checklist for applications for the moisture meter

Combinations of Meters

You can combine Visilab's moisture meters to build a comprehensive system. For example, if you have a pressing nip or a wetting system, you can measure moisture levels before and after. You can watch all the signals on the same screen and make immediate decisions based on the behavior. You can even get the moisture difference visible in real-time if you have two meters. A big network of MK30LP can be built around a production machine or a complicated testing/pilot system. The MK30LP software is capable of acquiring the data from each sensor and display and archive it.

Support Software

The AK30, ATOM and Moisture software are excellent for data series downloading, library management and data retrieval. The Moisture works fine in small laptops being simple and quick at the same time. AK30 and ATOM are small programs for the AK30 portable moisture meter but work perfectly with the portable MK30R microwave meter. Both are very simple to use. AK30Mini is now available in other languages too than English. All are free for all new users. A small license fee is set for the Moisture program.

If one needs to work a lot with the meters and their data making plenty of analyses and having to make everyday decisions based on them, the Advanced software is the tool for you. The Advanced software is an excellent aid in multiple meter applications having e.g. the generation of channel difference signals. It is very useful for any serious research work with the meters and can acquire data from all meters and sensors made by Visilab Signal Technologies, even mixed together. It has an extensive set of features but is easy to use. We can offer the LAN232 and LAN485 networking units (for up to eight / 16 meters) for building small budget complex systems.

We have a program Profiler which is especially designed for scanner use. It starts acquiring data for each scan after detecting that the scanning meter's Autotimer is turned on after receiving an external trigger. It will acquire a certain number of samples for one profile and then reverse waiting for the next trigger as the head also reverses.

What Next?

Check the product data on our web pages, take a glance at the following reports. Contact us to discuss your application and we will find you the most economical way of solving it. You will get the maximum amount of data from your process with the smallest possible investment. We take it from there.

    Technical Note 11 Installing a New Measuring System

    Technical Note 14 Various Measuring Modes

    Technical Note 15 Measuring Piecewise Production Machines

    Feature Tour AK30

    Feature Tour AK40

    Feature Tour AK50


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