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Exhibition in Germany in October 2017 Invitation

Galleria Fogga, Helsinki, on July 2017. Invitation

The Art Society of Pornainen at the library of Pornainen till the end of July 2017 Invitation

Kuumart Summer Exhibition in Kerava Manor, Kerava, Finland

You are most welcome to see paintings of Mr. Stenlund and his colleagues in the events. Check the link below to see some paintings of Mr. Stenlund.

         Henrik Stenlund -- nature in focus...


The price level of these items is typically lower medium to upper medium. Please ask for an offer for an item pleasing you and discuss with us about the freight delivery options. If you wish to have a different style for framing, let us know. 

Some artwork may only be for display and are not sold. Items are delivered with the terms below and Incoterms are applied.

Inquire for pricing.

At this time the saleable artwork is not shown here. You can inquire for any artist by calling us (+358 41 4457 397) or by sending email (art(at) There are thousands of beautiful artwork available.

GROUP FINN SIXPACK is now pausing its international activities. If you are interested in the paintings made by the group members, contact Mr. Stenlund






























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