Terms of sale


Prices are net list prices. Buyer's local VAT and customs expenses are added to prices. Prepayment 100% before shipping of any item. The works are available for display in each artists' location in country of origin. You may inquire for more photographs of some interesting piece of art. No returns are accepted. The shipping method will be agreed upon before the final price is set. The total price will cover insurance and all freight costs to buyer's location, unless other arrangements are agreed.

State of artwork: All artwork is unique and signed by the artist. Graphics, like wood prints and engravings are of limited series, each work numbered and signed as is customary. At time of confirmation of order, the number of each sheet is stated. We supply a certificate of origin for each painting and also for watercolour, graphics and other artwork.

Framing is marked in the gallery and framing can be added/modified at a minor extra cost.

Regarding second hand art sold by their owners, the artwork is sold in their present condition. All requested information will be attempted to supply for the buyer to reveal the condition of the artwork. Authenticity, if not obvious, will be secured by specialists. The cost of this service is at the buyer if the result is confirmative, else it is on the cost of Visilab. If possible, we try to deliver all ownership documents for each artwork sold.