Visilab Signal Technologies has taken part in several customer product development projects. We have put a lot of effort into designing new products for various industries since 1985. We design optics, analog and digital electronics, embedded and PC software. Our specialties are embedded DSP and high-sensitivity phase-locked sensors. We find together with our customer the optimum way to reach the target. Our quality control system (according to ISO9001:2008) covers all stages of the design too. We offer full support in the following:
  • electronic circuit design, TH, SMD all sizes, including multilayer PCB's with manufacturing and testing
  • optical design, optomechanical design, detectors, UV-VIS-NIR-IR ranges
  • signal analysis, DSP, embedded software, small cpu's to large DSP's
  • PC application software, full end user executable programs with installers for Windows

We deliver anything between partial tasks and total projects with full documentation for manufacturing. We can arrange the pre-production series and are prepared to take care of actual manufacturing logistics with our numerous subcontractors. We can deliver tested and approved products. Compliance to the EU directives is not an issue for us; things are taken care of in the design phase to minimize budgets. Contact us to start discussing your next generation intelligent sensor. 

Chips and tools with immediate support:

     Microchip PICxxx etc.,
Freescale 68HCxxx
     Texas Instruments TMS320 DSP families and CC2x52 families
     IAR C compilers, NRND - NOT RECOMMENDED FOR NEW DESIGN, contain lots of serious bugs and have a lousy support

     Electronic CAD with EAGLE Professional. Old designs made with Wintek's HiWIRE are supported

    Mechanical 3D CAD with Geomagic / Alibre

    Optical CAD with Beam4

    Numerous electronic and optical test instruments including VIS and IR spectrometers, a thermal camera, optical power meter, wavelength calibrator etc.

     E-mail to us

Talk to sales: +358-45-635 4885, business hours 9.00 - 17.00 local time or 07.00 - 15.00 GMT. You can send ordinary mail too.      Skype: Visilab_real


Keywords: subcontracting, electronic design, printed circuit design, optomechanical design, optical design, phase-locked systems, low-noise signal detection, preamplifiers, optical sensors, intelligent sensors, fieldbus, Profibus DP, LabView programming, DSP, digital signal processing, single chip processors.