Portable Moisture Meter MK30R

Main Applications

• main applications in thick materials, like pulp, corrugated, wood, soil, minerals etc.
• capable of very high moistures and basis weights
• especially suitable for difficult materials like black papers, wood, soil
• laboratory, field and on-line troubleshooting in slow webs

Example Applications:

    • Paper and board: roll measurements (single points and profiles), sheets and stacks, slow webs, coating and wetting experiments

    • Reel measurements can be done either with a running reel or a static reel. With the running one, the Autotimer is started when the Start button is pressed and stopped (or automatically stopped). The time interval between samples is preset by user. If the integral distance sensor is used, one can measure cross profiles of static reels. The sensor is switched to its operating position and then the Start button is pressed to start the profile at the edge of the reel. The button is pressed again when reaching the other end. The increment is 20 mm between samples.

    • Felts and textiles: sampling for quality inspection, roll measurements, absorption, retention or evaporation testing
    • Pulp and corrugated products

    • Note papers and other special papers: roll quality control, sheet control, calibration transfer.
    • Light-coloured minerals: container or sample measurements

    • Black and strongly coloured papers and fibers are easy targets
    • Wood chips and sawdust: container measurements, manual samples, slow processing machines and conveyors

    • Wood and soil, peat, animal feed

This relieves the pulp machine personnel from running with a grabber and samples while checking the current moisture level of the running web. Just go to the web with the meter and take the reading. No more waiting for hours to get the reading from the lab, it is instant.




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