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In the following, find some information of latest activities of Visilab products. We are constantly developing new products according to requests from our customers.

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Visilab has built a quality control system according to ISO 9001:2008. We are stressing on high quality in all steps from design to production and from marketing to after-sales operations.

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Keep an eye on the latest software upgrades. You can always download the latest version. Only the licensed programs require the existence of the license file. The Moisture program requires the litelicense.ini and Advanced & Profiler programs the license.ini file.


Note that the support for the Profibus DP fieldbus has ended. Only those new deliveries where this interface has been requested for and offered in the first place, will be delivered. This decision is following the Siemens mainstream dropping this fieldbus. Delivered systems will be serviced and maintaned in the future.

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