Various Technologies Applied

Optical Systems - UV - VIS - NIR
- IR

The optical sensors in the NIR range of instruments (AK30/40/50) are based on miniature optics. For instance, the  unique optics of AK30 and AK40 is originally designed in 1993-1994 and is still the same. The FrontColout 10 colour on-line sensor is based on a CCD spectrometric sensing and optical level signal processing. The analyses required by the CIE are built-in to the sensor. Communications between these sensors and a PC are made with a reliable packet protocol. DCS interfaces are common in our products.

Microwave Systems

The microwave products (MK30R/MK30LP) are based on our proprietary design of both cavities, electronics and analysis software. The highlights of the software are its exceptional flexibility regarding the usable frequency range and on-the fly variablity of all parameters. The software and electronics support the use of two cavities or exceptional reference arrangements. The packet protocol in the sensors allows a simple network of multiple sensors to be created. The PC software fully supports these features. For connecting several sensors to a PC, we can offer LAN232 and LAN485 bridges supporting data acquisition from several sensors via RS232 and RS485. Customized cavities and even total systems have been designed for a few customers.


All of our products rely a lot on signal processing algorithms. Since the start of Visilab, various mathematical and signal processing inventions have been implemented to our products. Some are in the software, some in the hardware, some in optics, some in electronics. They ensure added reliability and signal quality. Sometimes also processing speed is of issue or squeezing the embedded program code into a small available space. There we excel since DSP and control applications in small processors have been our strength..

Design Phases and Manufacturing

Our secret is a full in-house design of all parts and modules giving us full control of each step and allowing optimal arrangements in production. We are using all modern software and CAD tools but the most important things are always the new innovations. They can be born only if things are made on-site. Also, we listen carefully to our customers to get what they want to have. This is critically important for us.

We have world-class subcontractors in Taiwan and Europe for manufacturing of modules and PCB's with close  tolerances and top quality. We emphasize high quality, not pricing.

Software Development

Each sensor will need its embedded software and the Laptop will have its own. The embedded part is always written in C language for efficiency. Mostly we use LabVIEW for quick development of PC level software having good quality graphics and lots of options available for reporting and archiving.


Our quality control system (according to ISO9001:2008) covers all stages of the design, documentation and production, including the tracking of the design process.

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