Infrared Portable Moisture Meter AK30

Main Specifications

• applications in laboratory, field and on-line troubleshooting in slow webs
• light weight 0,9 kg, structure IP 67
• three high-contrast displays and a diaphragm keyboard
• operating period of 3.5 - 4 hours without battery recharging. The Dual-battery option -DBAT offers 7 hours of continuous operation
• measuring distance 0...7 mm, area approximately 10 mm in diameter, no contact required
• shows a trend curve of recent history, continuously, 64 points on display
• display's background colour may indicate crossing of preset moisture levels (high/low selected by user)
• when Autotimer is sampling, the center display changes colour
• Autotimer is turned on with the "+" key or with a separate button on the side or by external software command
• switch with a key to a big numeric display
• a new recipe system for quickly switching to another regular measuring position. A label and a specific calibration table is associated with each recipe. Changing with a single key press. The table and label are shown in data files and tags.

• extremely low noise level in signal
• superior long-term stability, based on Visilab's extremely stable infrared technology
• simple to use but has a great number of features

• Marker key for adding a peak to moisture value while measuring and saving a data series to a bank. This can be used for marking start/end of some interesting period
• Flash calibration for generating a new calibration in field conditions. Only the basis weight of paper required to get a working calibration. Fine tuning can be done to it after that and ready for measuring, in seconds

• zeroing of the moisture reading if the difference only is of importance, referring to a sample

• has useful data capture features, a large data memory
• free intelligent software AK30, AK30Mini and IRMA7Basic with graphics, calibration tables, statistics, data retrieval
• low power mode when not in active use for saving energy
• interfaces available:
    • keyboard and display
    • Bluetooth serial port for PC
    • serial port RS232 for PC

• measuring speed is 72 Hz and output is 5Hz for moisture data
• suitable for paper and board plus many other materials, like textiles, felts
• excellent for off-line quality control, complaint validation etc.
• a product-specific software AK30, AK30Mini are available, free to download
• French language versions of AK30 and AK30Mini, free to download

• if dry weight percent is required for measurements, just turn the measuring unit to DRY-% and it will automatically convert the reading, no specific calibration required
• if dryness percent is required for measurements, just turn the measuring unit to YDRYNESS and it will automatically convert the reading, no specific calibration required

• data displayed on the colour displays and collected to PC with the AK30, AK30Mini, IRMA7Basic or the optional Advanced program:   Check updates..
• our price beats the competition
• designed and manufactured by Visilab in Finland

Latest feature additions:

• the regular skid a small one, PUS a wider skid, PUSWIDE (default), an extra wide rounded skid avoid any chance of cutting a running web. The first two options at request only.

• with FAST filter, true 5 Hz data acquisition (low level acquisition 72 Hz)

• green big numbers used for indicating the average value in statistics and indication of sampling with the Autotimer

• statistics display speed selectable (NONE / FAST / NORMAL)

Note to all users: Please keep the number of used memory banks below 820. When the memory is reaching that count, please erase the memory bank system.

Revision 1K in delivery now




    The meter in the optional carrying case.

Tips for Users:

   • to keep the meter's battery fully charged, please keep it connected to the charger, power turned off, when not using it. In this way you will ensure that the meter is always ready when you will need it. Even if the battery would be fully charged, it is trickle-charged to keep it full; no harm is done.

    • avoid running the meter's battery completely empty. Recharging it would require more time than expected since the Lithium battery needs a refreshing initial charging before actual charge is put into it. Also, do not take as real the charge indicators when the battery has been run empty. They may show a full charge even though it is completely empty. Let it charge overnight to be sure.

if you wish to have your meter's internal software updated, just send the meter to Visilab and pay the freight cost both ways. We will not charge for the upgrade operation unless you wish to have something else too. We will give full support to all instruments we have manufactured.

there is a small bug in one of the latest versions of the internal software: When the Adjust fine tuning is performed, the current table becomes useless. Actually, it is turned to SCALE mode and nothing is lost, just turn it back to MULTI mode. If you observe this behavior in your instrument, you can send it to Visilab for upgrading. The corrected versions are 1.30N and up.

Optional Accessories:

    • A Power-user skid -PUS giving a full protection for the plastic case while measuring in difficult positions and against a moving web. A crude web surface may wear out the plastic case at the corners. -PUS has also a connector for air purge to prevent condensation and to keep the optical window clean. This option adds some to the total price. Mention this option while ordering. See pictures at the end of this page.
    • a carrying case -CAR at a very economical price. Keeps the meter protected and ready for use.
    • Advanced software license for an extended PC program
    • Moisture standard -STD for regular checking for long-term stability
    • a dual battery pack -DBAT for at least seven hours of continuous use. It adds only a little weight, nothing on the outside.

      • More information..
      • Maintenance Pack..

Packing List of a Standard Product Shipping:

    • Model AK30 meter with calibrations according to customer samples plus some other useful ones
    • User's guides in a binder
    • Software on a CD or in a USB memory stick, full documentation in PDF format
   • model -PSAK power supply (classified), with an instrument cable of 1.2 m of length. The supply has an IEC320 connector for wall power having a nationalized end plug, if possible. The default delivery will have the standard European plug if the target is unknown.
    • serial cable for connection to PC's RS232 with some 1.2 m of length
    • USB-to serial RS232 converter module with the driver software for Windows
    • Bluetooth dongle and software for connection to a PC. The operating distance may be up to 100 m in good conditions. Now we are shipping a new RN41-based system which is a snap to install and use.

When the -PUSWIDE option is ordered, it is mounted to the meter in factory. The delivery includes a Silicone tubing for the air purge, about 2 m minimum.
Also the -DBAT option is preinstalled. This option can be purchased separately to an older instrument too but requires factory installation.

The new wide PUSWIDE skid for general purpose but especially good for soft materials (default in a delivery):

The regular skid (only on request):


The earlier Power-User Skid, -PUS (only on request):




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