AK40 Infrared On-Line Moisture Meter


- a new small and low-cost meter for measuring continuous moisture signal
- model AK40 in an identical box as AK50

Product's top features (internal software version V1.31 and onwards):

• applications in on-line measurements of fibre products and water-based chemicals, like glues, coatings and pigments
• a completely new pricing with this line of instruments. They can be now installed to new positions not possible before
• based on new ultra-stable technology developed by Visilab
• DCS interfaces: 0..5 V analog signals for moisture and web temperature, 4-20 mA for moisture, wireless Bluetooth for PC, RS232 for PC up to 40 meters at 9600 bauds
• light weight 2,7 kg, structure IP67, an Aluminum case with hard lacquer
• three high-contrast displays and a diaphragm keyboard for field operation and meter configuration manually
• measuring distance 5..15 mm, area approximately 10 mm in diameter, no contact required
• shows a trend curve of recent history, continuously, 64 points on display
• display's background colour may indicate crossing of preset moisture levels (high/low selected by user)
• switched with a key between a large numeric display and trend display + data

• designed for easier positions. More difficult positions may require increased maintenance and cleanup. Otherwise this meter is able to work at high moistures too.

• extremely low noise level
• superior long-term stability
• simple to use
• has useful data capture features, a large data memory
• when Autotimer is sampling, the center display changes colour
• Autotimer is turned on with the "+" key or with a separate button on the side or by external software command
• intelligent software AK30, AK30Mini, IRMA7Basic with graphics, calibration tables, statistics, data retrieval. The AK30 program fully supports this meter.
• DIM mode when display not in active use

• Flash calibration for generating a new calibration in field conditions. Only the basis weight of paper required to get a working calibration. Fine tuning can be done to it after that and ready for measuring, in seconds.

• automatic zeroing of the moisture reading if the difference only is of importance, referring to a sample

• if dry weight percent is required for measurements, just turn the measuring unit to DRY-% and it will automatically convert the reading, no specific calibration required
• if dryness percent is required for measurements, just turn the measuring unit to YDRYNESS and it will automatically convert the reading, no specific calibration required
• measuring speed is 72Hz and output is 5Hz for moisture data
• suitable for paper and board plus many other materials, like textiles, felts
• excellent for on-line quality control.
• data displayed on the colour displays and collected to PC with the AK30, AK30Mini, IRMA7Basic or the optional Advanced program:
  Check updates..
• our price beats the competition
• designed and manufactured by Visilab in Finland

Note to all users: Please keep the number of used memory banks below 820. When the memory is reaching that count, please erase the memory bank system.

Latest feature additions:

• with FAST filter, true 5 Hz data acquisition

• Red big numbers used for indicating the average value in statistics

• statistics display speed selectable (FAST / NORMAL/NONE)

Revision S in delivery, available as standard AK40. Please refer to product catalog and specific brochures for details.

Optional Accessories:

    • The keyboard and display can be ordered to be on the cover panel or inside the the cover. No extra cost on  this feature, mention it when ordering
    • Advanced software license
    • Moisture standard -STD for regular checking for long-term stability to prevent dirt effects

      • More information..
      • Maintenance Pack..
      • Applications..

Packing List of a Standard Product Shipping:

    • Model AK40 meter with calibrations according to customer samples plus some other useful ones
    • User's guides in a binder
    • Software on a CD or in a USB memory stick, full documentation in PDF format
    • model -PS power supply (classified), with an instrument cable of 7 m of length. The supply has an IEC320 connector for wall power having a nationalized end plug, if possible. The default delivery will have the standard European plug if the target is unknown.
    • serial cable for connection to PC's RS232 with some 3 m of length
   • USB-to serial RS232 converter module with the driver software for Windows
    • Bluetooth dongle and software for connection to a PC. The operating distance may be up to 100 m in good conditions
. Now we are shipping a new RN41-based system which is a snap to install and use.


Note: The earlier models AK40-GWP and AK40-GW-R / L are discontinued.


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