AK50 - On-Line Moisture Meter

Example Applications:

    • Fiber products, conveyor measurement, container measurement, fast processing machines
    • Felts, textiles and non-woven: web measurement, roll measurement
    • Paper and board: fast web measurements in various positions of the PM, roll measurements (single points and profiles), sheets and stacks, coating and wetting processes, calanders, printing machines, sheet cutters, sheet printers
    • Batch processes: measurement of product batches or piecewise products
    • Note papers and other special papers: web quality control, roll quality control, sheet cutters and printers
    • Light-coloured minerals: conveyor measurement
    • Cut or piecewise materials: Burst mode makes measurement trivial and meter displays only the latest burst average, no gaps

General Applications for AK50

    • use in on-line quality control, research and troubleshooting in all kinds of fast webs
    • target materials: Paper, board, felts, textiles, wood chip lines, sawdust lines, most fibre materials, organic and inorganic, powders, coating chemical lines, light coloured minerals, recycled paper, special papers
   • use the IRMA7Mini, IRMA7Basic or Advanced software for continuously acquiring moisture and web temperature readings
   • use the Advanced program for continuously displaying with large high-contrast numbers visible at 25 meters and more of the selected moisture or temperature signal acquired in real-time. Just turn the display of your PC to become visible in the machine hall in the control room.

Cut Products:
   • use the BURST mode for simplest and cleanest retrieval of averaged data of each sheet or piece.
   • paper strips running in laboratory paper analyzers
   • if you accept a display cluttered by the gaps between items, you can collect data series with the Autotimer for downloading or use the voltage output for a separate data acquisition module or use Profibus DP fieldbus for fast data sampling from the meter. You can also use an optical trigger and the Conditional Acquisition in the PC program. These are usually the second best choices after the BURST mode.
   • sheet cutters: Moisture level before packing line or printing

Powdered Products:
  • various minerals, sawdust, wood chips, fiber materials, bio fuel products at various positions
   • measurement of a continuous flow of materials or batches in tubes, over conveyor belts and in screws. Use the BURST mode for batches to skip the gaps and to get the average reading of each batch
   • measure manually taken samples in cups or containers. This can be automated if no other alternative is possible.

Felts and Textiles:
 • measure in textile manufacturing machines to get the level after dying and drying of the fibers
   • measure in felt manufacturing machines to get the outgoing moisture level affecting directly to amount delivered. Typical penetration 5000 microns, depending on fiber.
   • research studies of special felts and textiles for dryers and press nips for optimizing water removal

Fabrication of Paper, Board and Liners:
   • use as a front-end for special process data acquisition systems, movable around the paper machine
   • production and research calenders, before and after the nip
   • make reliable measurements with very thin or perforated grades
   • make reliable measurements with the low-to medium BW grades to get the total moisture. After some 110 g/m2 the two surfaces's moistures can be different.
   • make reliable measurements with the highest BW grades to get the surface moisture. Typical penetration some 150 microns.
   • study rewetting, calendering and coating, before and after the nip
   • use several meters to control moisture after the press section. Use Profibus DP for very fast polling of data from each meter or use our LAN232 for up to eight meters if sampling rate is not the issue
   • fixed positions for smaller budget: Get MD moisture and web temperature profiles
   • scanners for more serious budgets: Get MD and CD moisture and web temperature profiles
   • use in pilot machines to study effects of drying, running speed etc. AK50 is an indispensable tool for this.

   • moisture is the most important single process variable in printing
   • immune to most ink jet toners, you can reliably measure printed sheets. Other colours must be checked before application.
   • use an optical sensor and the new BURST mode for acquiring data from selected unprinted areas of each sheet ignoring all other parts entirely.
   • detect early too dry web in your printing machine to maintain runnability, else immediate printing problems or too high static electricity
   • detect early too moist web in your printing machine to maintain runnability, else immediate printing and registering problems or a skewed web causing repeated breaks

   • with the meter in a stand, place sample sheets under the meter, for quality control and research
   • laboratory hot nips: Get the incoming and outgoing moisture levels, use two meters for optimum results
   • paper strips running in laboratory paper analyzers
   • coating experiments: Study drying rates and coating behavior in real-time
   • use in special research instruments, like paper wetting and stretching devices, test printers
   • study drying in hot nips, use two meters to reliably detect the water removed for each sheet.
   • lab calanders: Get the important variable of incoming moisture to your data and equations.




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