Moisture Meter MK30LP - Deep Moisture

Super economical pricing

Main Specifications (subject to small changes at this time)

• a new special instrument for thick materials, penetrates to 30 mm in most materials
• applications in laboratory, field and on-line troubleshooting in slow webs
• light weight 0.4 kg, structure IP 67

extremely small in size: 15 mm thick, 300 x 130 mm with support
no displays no keyboard, communication via RS232/RS485 to MK30LP software
• measuring distance zero (requires contact), area approximately 21 x 105  mm
• has two rollers at ends to reduce wear-out. Rollers can be removed if not needed
• very low noise level in signal
• superior long-term stability, based on Visilab's extremely stable microwave technology
• simple to use but has a great number of features. Plug and play
• has versions according to use, DUAL with two sensors, SINGLE with one sensor and faster speed
• DUAL sensor is able to act both with one or two sensors.
• The second sensor is simpler but with otherwise identical features. MK30LP can be configured to operate as either DUAL or SINGLE by the user by pressing a button in the program
• free intelligent software MK30LP, with graphics, calibration tables, statistics, data retrieval.
• all important details of the meter can be configured with the software
• interfaces available:
    • RS232/RS485 for the PC program, 115 200 bauds (also 9600 / 230 400 available)
    • one 5 Volt analog output. Optionally four analog outputs for the two moistures/temperatures in DUAL
• measuring speed is 3..10 Hz DUAL and SINGLE 10 - 40 Hz depending on parameters
• suitable for paper, board, pulp, corrugated, paper and board plus many other materials, like textiles, felts
• data collected to PC with the MK30LP program:
  Check updates..
• the extremely low price will be a pleasant surprise
• designed and manufactured by Visilab in Finland

Side view of the model MK30LP 


Top view of MK30LP



    • Versions MK30LP DUAL and SINGLE for two or one sensors
    • a carrying case -CARMK at a very economical price. Keeps the meter protected and ready for use.
    • Moisture standard -STDMK for regular checking for long-term stability
    • an extra connector for exposing the four analog outputs 5 Volt.
    • fixed cables instead of connectors. Cable length defined by buyer.
    • an extra connector for exposing the RS232 terminal connection.

   • LAN485 a communications bridge for acquiring data from up to 30 MK30LP. Can be used for other data communications via RS485. LAN485 is able to supply 24 Volt power to each sensor

      • More information..
      • Maintenance Pack..

Packing List of a Standard Product Shipping:

    • Model MK30LP DUAL or SINGLE meter with calibrations according to customer samples
    • User's guides in a binder
    • Software MK30LP in a USB memory stick, full documentation in PDF format
   • model -PSMK power supply (classified), with an instrument cable of 1.2 m of length. The supply has an IEC320 connector for wall power having a nationalized end plug, if possible. The default delivery will have the flat standard European plug if the target is unknown. The DUAL will have one coaxial cable and aa control cable to the second sensor, length according to order.
    • RS232-USB dongle and software for connection to a PC. 




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