FrontColour 5 On-Line Brightness Meter

- state of the art in Brightness meters 
The FC10 box in this picture, identical                                FrontColour (TM) is a Registered Trademark

Product's top features:

true Brightness/Whiteness sampling & signal updating speed 10 Hz
a small size and light weight
• a truly compact and smart structure: All components required are in the meter, just plug in the power & communication cable. No external control boxes needed
• most reliable: an extremely long service period of 175 000 hours, in practice service-free
• the measuring distance is 200 +/-4 mm, spot size approximately 35 mm.
the new longer distance allows installations to dusty conditions with easier cleanup and maintenance
• extremely low noise level
• highly immune against external lighting
• designed according to CIE 1964 10 deg geometry and TAPPI R457 applied, basic geometry is 0/45 degrees.

measurement approximating nicely the R457 sensing curve
• no UV excitation to avoid any fluorescence effects
• implemented with latest LED technology and signal processing
a unique BURST mode for measuring piecewise webs, like sheet cutters
• the power supply unit -PS has a connector for a standard optical sensor to arrange a trigger for measuring piecewise products and batch processes. Also a BNC connector for a microswitch is included.
• the meter is delivered complete with cables, software and power source, calibrated ready to start operating
interfaces from a single cable: Voltage output, serial port
    • two voltage outputs, range selectable, source selectable as moisture or web temperature etc., scaling
    • serial port RS232 for PC data acquisition and configuration, data rates 9600/115200 bauds
Screw terminals are optional at time ordering for analog connections.

• Advanced program with full data acquisition features for several meters simultaneously and many other highly useful features. This is a licensed product and belongs to the model FC5 meter's delivery bundle.

• memory banks for sample series taken with an autotimer (selectable time intervals)
• unique capability of capturing Brightness transients at full speed for further analysis (minimum sample interval 100 ms)
• use Low Power Mode when not in active service
• highly competitively priced. Save lots of money compared to competitor's products and spend it to other useful instruments

other software features are:

   a new meter diagnostics system, usable with Advanced program
   an adjustable extremely slow process digital filter for creating very slow responses to display slow process variations.
• A strong IP67 box of size 270x270x120 mm, made of 3 mm oxidated Aluminum.
• designed and manufactured in Finland

Revision 6 in delivery

Example Applications:

    Pulp, paper and board: fast processing machines
     Recycled paper and board: fast processing machines
    • Felts, textiles and non-woven: web measurement, reel measurement
    • Paper and board: fast web measurements, reel measurements (single points and profiles), printing machines,
sheet cutters, sheet printers
    • Batch processes: measurement of product batches or piecewise products
    • Food products: sugar and other comparable products, conveyor measurement (surface leveled)
    • Light-coloured minerals: conveyor measurement (surface leveled)
    • Cut or piecewise materials: Burst mode makes measurement trivial and meter displays only the latest burst average, no gaps

Optional Accessories:

    • General purpose holder bracket -GPH
    • Purge air pressure regulator -PR with a dust filter, adjustable
    • Keyboard and display terminal unit TEAK-30 for field use
    • LAN232 for creating a simple local network for any meters made by Visilab Signal Technologies,
    based on RS232 (15 m legs) or RS485 (up to 1200 m legs)

      • Maintenance Pack..

Packing List of a Standard Product Shipping:

   FrontColour 5 Brightness meter with calibrations according to customer samples plus some other useful ones
    • User's guides in a binder
    • Software on a CD or in a USB memory stick depending on availability, having all of available software options, including a license for the Advanced software
    • model -PS power supply, with an instrument cable of 5 m of length. The supply has an IEC320 connector for wall power having a nationalized end plug, if possible. The default delivery will have the standard European plug if the target is unknown. The DIN rail mounting kit is included.
    • serial cable for connection to PC's RS232 with some 5 m of length
    • a serial RS232-to USB converter module for connection to PC's USB port 

    • You can affect the cable lengths with a reasonable fee when ordering and request also for other optional accessories. The instrument cable can be up to 40 m and the serial cable can be up to 40 m.  Inquire before ordering. One solution would be a pair  of BTRN41 modules for cable replacement for a max 100 meter leg. Inquire for pricing.


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FrontColour 5 Brightness meter