Data Acquisition & Control Systems, Recent Designs

 - OZONE30 - an ozone level meter
- TENSILE - a rubber tensile elongation strength meter
 - FABTESTER - tester for FAB07 and old cards
 - FAB07 - fire alarm relaying system
 - EXTENSOMETER - a rubber tensile elongation strength meter
 - MC07- an industrial measuring system electronics and embedded software
 - OZONE - an ozone level meter
 - TENSOMETER - a rubber tensile strength meter system electronics and embedded software and PC software
 - RUBBER CURE- a rubber curing measuring system electronics and software, both embedded and PC
 - MOONEY- a rubber curing measuring system electronics and software, both embedded and PC
 - MULTISPOT - a water droplet detector module for measuring wet metal cylinders
 - GEKKO - controlled dual vapor generator unit

- CODEM - an optical encoder for an XYZ table with RS485 transmitter electronics
 - SPOTEM - a laser pixel detector module
 - LEXEM - a color laser printer controller for transfer drum HV real-time control and current sensing
 - TABLE - a stepper controller for a fast CCD camera for acquiring highly accurate color images of a printed web
 - FAB04, FAB05 - fire alarm relaying system
 - DUPLO - a paper measuring system
 - DYCUM - a paper curvature meter software based on Broncchi lines, a CCD camera and image analysis
 - COREM - a colour printer toner current measuring system
 - SCISPE2 - a tailored high-speed NIR spectrometer for a special on-line application
 - SURFO - a paper surface fiber orientation meter
 - CURSEN - a current meter for sensing very small currents at high voltage in a toner transfer research system
 - STATEM - data acquisition system for a paper charge decay meter
 - GLOSS - a sensor controller for paper gloss meter
 - PINPRE - a high-speed single-photon sensing front end with discriminators
 - PROFIL - a surface profile meter software
 - KIILTO - a signal processing system for paper gloss meter
 - ROMASTER - a high-accuracy twin axis stepper controller for an optical polarization sensor system
 - OVEN - a high accuracy high temperature oven with a control system
 - CALIB - a gas concentration calibrator for GC work, software
 - VIIVA - a series of light sources for generating a narrow light marker without lasers for medical equipment
 - PAN - an extensive multiuser project management system for a large research department
 - MARKER - a LED-based film marker
 - CSPECT - an on-line color quality sensor
 - BEAMEM - a study of interference between two electron beams in vacuum tubes
 - DIVEM - a quadrature frequency divider (by 8 to 1024) for any optical encoder with true direction phase shift
 - PIXEM - a trigger module for a flash light source combined with a frame grabber and an optical encoder
 - FIXEM-1 - an A4-sized toner fixing nip controller with variable temperature and speed
 - PENATEST - a paper friction tester
 - LASEM - a B&W laser printer controller with variable nip temperature and transfer drum HV
 - FLASHEM - a 4 MegaWatt Xenon flash fusing system for experimentation with toners
 - TONEM - a tailored paper release force meter
- TERRIER - a real-time kernel for 80x86 CPU with a full set of services

 - FIXEM-3 - an adjustable A3-sized nip system. It is a fixing system for testing paper drying and toner with variable speed and controllable temperatures.
- several (>400) tailored circuit boards (analog and digital) for OEM and research purposes
 - REACTOR - a temperature controller for a chemical reactor
 - PAM-series - a series of software and hardware for several small process control systems, including motor controllers, mixers, heaters, intelligent distillers etc. Projects like:

- PAM2000
- PAM3000
- POW3000

This is a partial list, hundreds of other projects have been completed during the years.  Some of them are classified and do not appear here.



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