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BURST Mode and Analog Output in Model AK50 Meters

If you have met the effect of not getting the frozen analog reading at the moisture analog output as expected in the BURST mode, this may be caused by a software bug in some interim versions (2006 - 2008). If you need this feature, send your meter to our nearest representative for free upgrading.

Extending Useful Battery Life for Portable Meters

To get the most out of your portable sensors, it is recommended to keep it plugged in to the power supply when not in use. This ensures you will have it fully charged next time you need it. An empty battery is damaged if it is left uncharged for a longer period. In regular use the batteries serve for five to seven years, in heavy daily use, the life may be three to five years.

Using Automatic Fine Tuning of Calibrations

To generate an offset into moisture reading in a meter, the Advanced software contains a feature making this automatically and with a predefined accuracy.

    Technical Note 27

New Calibrations from Existing Ones

To create new calibrations in field conditions is sometimes problematic, especially if no tools are available, like a lab balance or a climatic chamber. The following Technote will describe simple ways for getting new calibrations from an earlier calibration for either higher or lower basis weight of the same paper grade.

    Technical Note 23 Calibration of Thicker Grades

Low Power Mode in Meters

To save usage hours in model AK30 meters, turn the meter into LowPower mode when not actively used. You can keep the meter power turned on and also recharge the battery. The meter has an optional feature (Sleep mode) which will turn the meter into LowPower mode automatically after one hour's use. You can find this option in the Service menu.

Model AK50 meters do not require battery charging but usage hours saving is obtained if the meter is only partially used, e.g. 8 hours a day. If the meter is usually running at nights also without real use, turn the meter to LowPower mode. Turn it to Normal mode again in the morning. This will triple the reachable usage hours (175 000) for the meter before service. In this way, the service interval becomes really long. In practice, the meter has served completely before it is time for servicing.

Glossy Papers

Model AK50/D moisture meters have been often used for measuring moisture and web temperature in pilot machines, printing machines and at very difficult positions in paper machines. Some of the challenges come from hot webs, some from glossy papers. The two Technical Notes below discuss these topics and may prove useful for you.

    Technical Note 21 Measuring Glossy Papers
    Technical Note 22 Measuring Hot Webs

Connecting Multiple Meters to a PC

Having purchased a LAN232 product you wonder how to use it most efficiently with any of our moisture meters or other product. Read the following Technical note.

    Technical Note 20 Using LAN232 Efficiently

Vista/Windows 7 / 8 Problems

To install any of our software to the new
Vista operating system , you absolutely need to have administrator's rights. The installation requires some dialogs to be replied to, nothing complicated. Our recommendation today is: Do not switch to Vista unless you really need it. Not all commercial programs run in it and you may encounter lots of problems. More about this later.

To get any of our software running in Vista, do the following:

      - Copy the ZIP file or the contents of the USB memory stick to the hard disk of the Vista running PC. Location is not important at this time.
      - Start installation by running the SETUP.EXE application (belonging to the particular software; do not copy all files of all installation folders to the same folder) by double clicking its name or icon in the folder.
      - Answer all questions (not many) and allow the installer to complete the procedure.
      - Locate the installation folder which is likely c:\program files\xxxx where xxxx is the name of the software. Create a shortcut of the xxxx.exe application and copy it to the desktop.
      - Click the new icon (shortcut) on the desktop with the right key to open a local menu. Select the topic: "Properties" and open the page "Compatibility". Check the option: "Run as Administrator" (or "Run with Administrator's rights"). Press "Apply" and close the dialog. Using the "Windows XP SPC2 compatibility" may be advantageous.
      - You can now launch the program by double-clicking the icon (shortcut). You have to reply to a question or two about the reliability of the program by allowing the running.
      - For running the Advanced program, do not forget to copy the license.ini file to the expected location to allow it to run. Else it will stop soon after launching informing you that the license is not found. The likely location for the license file is: "c:\program files\advanced".

Money Saver

To save a lot of money, purchase our economy model AK40 or AK50.

Air purge

To keep the optical windows clean for long periods of time, use the internal air purge in requiring conditions. This will also offer a good protection to the meter against dangerous overheating if the process conditions change uncontrollably. In very hot conditions this is not sufficient and external air purge is required together with a recommended cover or box.

Profibus DP

For best high-speed operation at 12 Mbaud with Profibus DP using long cables with AK50, split the cable near the connector plug connected to the meter. The purpose is to cut and separate the DP lines and use a high quality high-speed cable instead. Use the termination resistor inside the meter if necessary. Cut the wires so that the branch going to the power supply does not load the signals. Refer to the User's guide of the meter for wire colouring. Visilab Signal Technologies can deliver spare plugs and sockets & other spare parts if necessary. The Cannon connectors are generally available too. In this way, you can benefit the highest transmission rate available.

Power-saving options in the PC

When doing unattended long-term measurements with a PC as a data acquisition device, please, turn off all power saver options which might cause shutting down the CPU. Else, the measurements may be stopped unexpectedly.



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