We have a scientific background and experience in industrial applications. Mathematics and modeling are our main tools. Signal processing, digital filtering and phase-locked detection is close to us. We have made a number of inventions since 1985, many of them implemented in our products. We have focused in the following subjects:

  • superstable signal technology, general applications
  • simplified superstable signal technology for complementary applications, e.g. ultrastable impedance bridge with no calibration needs
  • noise-reducing digital filtering with no effect on frequency characteristics
  • data encryption and security algorithms
  • digital filtering of scanned data for resolution enhancement, an astonishing improvement over earlier methods. Applications are in the fields of spectrometry, CCD cameras and LIDAR. Almost any kind of scanned data can be post-filtered for improving resolution. Run-time filtering is feasible with a suitable DSP.

Some of the algorithms will become licensed OEM products in the future. They are presently under processing for commercialization.

Capabilities and Tools

We custom design new algorithms, usually starting from their mathematical foundation. We are able to implement them in LabVIEW (PC) or in some embedded programming language for microprocessors and signal processors. We do have many cross compilers in C language and can adopt a new tool when necessary. We can also design a new microcontroller or DSP card when necessary.


We appreciate the need for high quality documentation for the projects. We will leave all agreed documents for our customers when finishing the job. The projects start with discussions and agreement on the basic specifications being always the most important part. That will ensure the end result as intended. Having revisions to the project is normal since not everything can be taken into account while writing the spec's nor while doing the actual design work. The depth of documentation depends on the licensing or subcontracting agreement.


Our quality control system (according to ISO9001:2008) covers all stages of the design, documentation and production, including the tracking of the design process.

Please look at our pages for PCB design, DAQ design and Optical design too.


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Keywords: subcontracting, electronic design, printed circuit design, optomechanical design, optical design, phase-locked systems, low-noise signal detection, preamplifiers, optical sensors, intelligent sensors, fieldbus, Profibus DP, LabView programming, DSP, digital signal processing, single chip processors.