We have a long of experience in industrial optical applications, both design and implementation. Mathematical modeling is familiar to us and we do 3D optical simulation as a habit.

Capabilities and Tools

Optical design has been applied since 1989 in many projects. We have powerful 3D design tools for those. We can provide 3D images and structures of the designs, ray tracing and several analyses of the optical system, already in the design phase.  We can design spectrometers, light sources, detectors, optical multiplexers, imaging systems and a lot more. The wavelength range goes from deep UV to LWIR. Approach us to see if we can help with your application.


It is usual that the final target of the design project is a product for industry or for consumers. We can possibly aid the customer in finding the proper manufacturing partners. We can find the proper workshop to get the prototype for pilot testing. We can also provide the piloting unit in many cases.


We appreciate the need for high quality documentation for the projects. We will leave all agreed documents for our customers when finishing the job. The projects start with discussions and agreement on the basic specifications being always the most important part. That will ensure the end result as intended. Having revisions to the project is normal since not everything can be taken into account while writing the spec's nor while doing the actual design work.


Our quality control system (according to ISO9001:2008) covers all stages of the design, documentation and production, including the tracking of the design process.

Please visit our pages for PCB design, Algorithm design and DAQ design too.


Keywords: subcontracting, electronic design, printed circuit design, optomechanical design, optical design, phase-locked systems, low-noise signal detection, preamplifiers, optical sensors, intelligent sensors, fieldbus, Profibus DP, LabView programming, DSP, digital signal processing, single chip processors.