Visilab Signal Technologies has designed for many customers several hundred printed circuit boards since 1989. The fields cover analog, digital, microprocessor, DSP and mixed-signal boards plus numerous specialty boards, big and small. We design multilayer boards as a rule but are equally happy to design cost-effective one-layer PCB's.

Capabilities and Tools

We are able to design both requiring analog and complex digital circuits. Applying various microprocessors is a routine with numerous peripheral chips.We use EAGLE Professional CAD system in our design. We still support the old HiWIRE II for some time in the future. We support fully the optical CAD Beam 4 for fitting of optical components and PCB's in electro-optical systems. We can apply 3D CAD files for fitting PCB's to tight spaces and get a perfect end result. A flexible PCB is a good alternative these days. Combining these with Geomagic / Alibre 3D design tools, allows the design project to have a happy ending.


We have world-class subcontractors in Taiwan and in Finland for manufacturing PCB's with close tolerances and top quality. We emphasize high quality, not pricing. We also have various subcontractors for SMD and TH component placement. PCB testing can be done at our subcontractors or in more requiring cases of programming and full electronic testing at our lab, especially if the volumes are not big. Automatic testing is called for volume products. We have done preliminary EMC testing before certification for EMC directives since 1996 with own instruments.


We fully understand the need for high quality documentation for the PCB's. We will leave all documents for our customers when finishing the job who decides the level of documentation. The projects start with discussions with the customer. The most important part is always the set of specifications. That will ensure the end result as intended. Having revisions to the pcb design is normal since not everything can be taken into account while writing the spec's nor while doing the actual design work. Sometimes the pcb form factor needs revisions or even the placement of fixing holes and connectors.


Our quality control system (according to ISO9001:2008) covers all stages of the design, documentation and production, including the tracking of the design process.

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Talk to sales: +358-45-635 4885, business hours 9.00 - 17.00 local time or 07.00 - 15.00 GMT. You can send ordinary mail too.
     Skype: Visilab_real

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Please check out pages for DAQ design, Algorithm design and Optical design too.


Keywords: subcontracting, electronic design, printed circuit design, optomechanical design, optical design, phase-locked systems, low-noise signal detection, preamplifiers, optical sensors, intelligent sensors, fieldbus, Profibus DP, LabView programming, DSP, digital signal processing, single chip processors.